Responsible Men is a collaboration of men and women that challenges all men to examine the roots of our own socialization. It is essential for all men to gain an understanding of the things we must change in ourselves and our world so we can… be better partners, fathers and citizens.

Responsible Men believes most men already are “responsible men” at their core. Men already want to be great partners and great dads. However, men’s words and actions often run counter to their feelings because they have been socialized to believe that men are supposed to be strong, tough and in-charge rather than caring, loving and engaged in their relationships, their families and their communities.

Though workshops, social gatherings and social media we inspire men to help rewrite the script of masculinity and be catalysts for social change. Ultimately it is our vision that with a new masculinity in place, our world will be free of discrimination, aggression and violence based on things like gender, race and sexual orientation.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lauren Arledge says:

    Hi Ted,

    I just read your blog about rey maualuga and I did a quick search to see if that event came up in the news anywhere….NOPE! The only information I found was about what a beast he is and his stats.

    As a woman and the mother of two young boys I am glad to see men like yourself standing up to join the movement. I have always beleived in the importance and strength men contribute to the overall feminist movement. Thank you for your work!

    Lauren Arledge
    Rape Prevention Education Coodinator
    Coastal Horizons, Inc.

    • Hi Lauren,

      You are correct. There was very little coverage this in the media. The small amount I saw portrayed it as good clean fun. No media outlets made any mention of it in a negative way that I saw.

      Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Thank you for your work as well. You have such an important job!


  2. X says:

    I agree, and honestly everything you said i find is true. But i have to say, i am a women myself, but i also do believe that not only men mentality must change, but women as well. Some women out there are still dependent on men. And they should realize that as long as women are dependent on men, men will always have control over the woman. I know some women that wouldn’t be able to be single for a month! that’s terrible! Now days, women can find their own jobs and live our own lives and feel good in our skin without a men around. So change must be done both ways. Some women must learn to be independent, and some men must learn that women and men are equal.

  3. Rebekka Lien says:

    Thank you for creating this website. Women need to meet more men like you who respect them. Thank you for being a role model to other men and showing women that good men still exist. Thank you so much!!

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