FYI (If you are Mrs. Hall)

***UPDATE*** Mrs. Hall has replaced the slutty photos of her boys with images that are more wholesome and that reflect who they really are. UNFORTUNATELY, we can’t unsee their near naked bodies.

The following is my response to an open letter posted here.  Please read it before you read my response.

Dear Mrs. Hall,

I have some information that might interest you.  Today, as we often do, my co-workers and I sat around the office discussing your blog post entitled FYI (If you’re a teenage girl).  We couldn’t help but notice that you were critical of the photos being posted on social media by the female friends of your teenage boys -lots of selfies in pajamas and such.  You were quick to point out all of the ways these girls were being overtly sexual in their photos and how your boys were certainly noticing things like their sultry pout and their lack of undergarments.

I get it – you are just being a responsible parent and you want to keep your boys out of harm’s way.   But here is the point I want you to realize.  In your article you posted pictures of your teenage boys, without their shirts, flexing their rippling muscles and posturing like full grown men.  One of their swim suits is sitting super low on his hips – YIKES!!!  Did you know that once your boys have been exposed in various states of undress that other boys, and perhaps all people, can’t unsee that?  You don’t want the whole world thinking of your boys in a sexual way, do you?

Also – big bummer – social media is a (sometimes awkward) two way street and participation is not mandatory.  Perhaps you didn’t know that since you live on your own island.  If you want to be on social media, you’ll have to realize that not everyone has the same standards for things like character and having a “strong moral compass”.  Clearly you want the Hall boys to be “men of integrity”.  But you should know that it is impossible for them to soar like eagles if they are surrounded by slutty turkeys.

Hall family, it’s not too late!  If you think you have made a mistake being on social media (we all do – don’t fret- I once had a Google+ account), RUN to your accounts and delete them.  Practice ABSTINENCE ONLY when it comes to social media.  It is the only way to 100% guarantee the Hall boys will not get involved with girls of questionable character.  Your boys are like pieces of tape.  If they have been stuck to something dirty and peeled away they start to lose their stickiness.  If it happens over and over again then eventually nothing will stick to them.  I know your family would not be thrilled at the thought of having a pack of boys that are no longer…tacky.

Will you trust me?  Some day, there will be online communities for families of character.  It is an uphill battle, but I am sure you will eventually find some place that will keep your minds pure and your thoughts praiseworthy.  It will be worth the wait.

Thanks for listening.  See you off-line!


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6 thoughts on “FYI (If you are Mrs. Hall)

  1. Jerry Dugan says:

    Well said! I was a little offended by the Google+ comment, but still got the point.

  2. Steve H says:

    You hit the nail on the head Ted…..

    As the father of 2 soon to be teen daughters I know what kind of hurdles lie ahead for me as a parent. It’s unfortunate that assholes on pedestals lack any kind of peripheral vision or common sense. At least she’s raising her “boys” not to be too judgy.

    Now where did I put that coupon for the Burqa Outlet….

    • This is why I had two boys, Steve. LOL!!! What gets me is she seems to have ZERO understanding of the systems in place that create the sexual double standard. I get not wanting to think about your kids having sex, but her “ostrich” approach is not only ineffective it’s irresponsible and devoid of reality. I hope her sons turn out to be great guys. Chances are they will. But I can’t help but wonder if the boys that want to date her daughter will be under the same scrutiny (not that I agree with her level of scrutiny).

  3. Dawn says:

    Bravo! As a mom of 4 boys I don’t try to control the world around my kids. I teach them, and try to walk to the talk if how they should (could?) respond to the world. That means teaching them to respect women, regardless of how dressed or undressed they are. I don’t have girls but I don’t like this culture of shaming.

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