Change for Change

Original post from Give What It Takes:

Go right now to the place where you keep your spare change.  Maybe its in a jar in your closet or in your bedside table drawer – wherever.  Check in your couch cushions and under your car seats.  Gather up all that change that is just sitting there collecting dust (not interest) and take it to your local bank or supermarket where they have a change counting machine.  Dump it in.  Count it up.  Then go straight back home, get online, and make a donation to an organization that is working to create social change.  It is that simple and believe me, those organizations need your money to be able to do what they do.  Many of them are hurting for money and they are all doing great work.  If you need some suggestions, take a look at the Recommendations page.  There are some great ones there.

Share this blog with everyone you know and encourage them to do the same.  Send it out on Facebook and Twitter (#givewhatittakes).  Here is the link:

Change just happened.



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