Worth a Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I am wondering which words you would choose to describe the advertising practices of Nikon – the camera company. Take a look at some of these Nikon ads:



Sadly Nikon, like so many companies, has chosen to exploit women to sell their products. We’ve come to expect it from beer companies and the like (not that being a beer company makes it alright), but a camera company??? Seriously? I mean do they really think they are going to sell more cameras by showing “hot girl on girl action”?

I am honestly insulted that companies resort to this tactic. I consider myself to be a typical guy who like a lot of stereotypical guy things. I like football, buffalo wings, classic cars and stupid movies. However, I am smart enough to recognize that when companies use women’s sexuality to sell their products they are degrading and marginalizing women. That allows men to see women as sex objects rather than human beings. It is in that space that domestic and sexual violence exists.

I know that a lot of men who will read this will say that there is nothing wrong with “sexy”. In fact, my friend Andy said those exact words when I was encouraging him to stop buying American Apparel t-shirts. I told him about their horrible advertising practices like this:


I get that these images are intended to be arousing so that we, as men, associate that feeling with that product (that sounds strange but it is true). It is about pleasure. If we associate a product with a pleasurable feeling, we are more likely to buy it. Some men can’t see past the sexual nature of these images and see the real damage they cause. In fact, this never registers with most men until a woman close to them experiences domestic or sexual violence. It is time for men to be enlightened.

Most men are good guys who believe that violence against women is wrong. They just don’t realize how violence against women comes about and why it still exists. They also don’t realize that they may be contributing to it by supporting these companies (and thousands of others), by laughing at a sexist joke, or by staring at a woman’s chest instead of her eyes during a conversation. These things seem innocent enough and are an accepted part of our culture, but this is where men must check themselves and each other. We must begin to change our culture so that these sorts of behaviors no longer go unchecked or unnoticed. If we do this, we will begin to create change. It will take time, but it will happen. It starts now…

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6 thoughts on “Worth a Thousand Words

  1. blair says:

    thanks for bringing this to wider attention and raising the issue. i feel pretty sad looking at these ads. sad for what they represent but sad for the ‘lowest common denominator’ appeal they are going for. i agree with you – as well as the all kinds of wrong these do for women, they also insult the intelligence of men. this exists in other arenas apart from advertising. i think it would be cool for some men to understand that sexism cuts both ways, even when it appears to ‘benefit’ them. in objectifying women, what are you actually saying about men?

  2. PRYNCSA says:

    wow. i like what you have to say about this topic, and with out knowing much about you… i can see the possibility that there are a few good men out there who were actually raised very well and who haven’t become totally corrupted by today’s “pop-culture” “disposable” “me first” society.

  3. dorado says:

    These ads made me horny! They didn’t necessarily made me want to consume these products but they sure made me horny!

  4. ShortCake says:

    I must be really slow but how do you go from sexualized ads to sexual violence?

    • X says:

      Honestly, when i look at these pictures, the first one for example, i see a woman who *upgraded* with bigger boobs. So the girls boobs are compared to an upgraded camera. So what this shows about women is that for us to feel good we must have bigger boobs, which is obviously wrong, women can feel good without having to get surgery. Anyway, when i see a woman that is ready to get bigger boobs just to look better, i see a women who doesn’t feel good in her skin. So here is where the sexual violence takes place. A woman that has personal issues and doesn’t feel good the way she is, might end up in an unhealthy relationship. PLUS this add shows some men that for a women to feel good in her skin and feel *upgraded* she must have bigger boobs! some men might want their girlfriends to *upgrade* and get bigger boobs? Maybe there is women out there that are ready to change the way they look for their husband or boyfriend or whoever shes with. AND this makes the guy the one who’s in control of the relationship. it doesn’t always lead to physical violence, but it could be emotional violence. Anyway i can keep going but i hope you understand what im trying to say. Obviously its not only 1 picture that would lead a guy to hit his girlfriend, but i believe the mentality of the society we live in does affect the way we think. in some cases, girls can get emotionally weak from seeing sexy girls with big boobs and lots of makeup which makes them feel ugly and then some without realizing it might think, oh i deserve to get hit in the face. If i break up with him no one else would want me cuz i don’t look SEXY. but obviously not everyone thinks like this.
      Hope my paragraph helped. 🙂

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