The Girl Effect

I ran across this on Twitter and had to spread the word. Please check out this video and share it with people in your sphere of influence. This is a great way to spread gender equality on a global level.

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2 thoughts on “The Girl Effect

  1. Disgustingly Vapid says:

    You could just as easily do this with a boy, so why must a girl be the focus? Why not a child?

    • I completely agree that you could do the same with a boy. Since I did not create the video, I cannot answer why the creator chose to make it about girls. However, I can say that across the globe, girls have far fewer opportunities that boys. Even in most developing countries, where poverty and hunger are issues for everyone, boys have more opportunities than girls for things like education and employment. The vast majority of the world is patriarchal and women and girls need an advocate to help level the playing field.

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