Pay As You Wish

I just saw a story on ABC about a small cafe in Boomfield, NY called Connie’s Grapevine Cafe.  The owners of the cafe have decided to combat the recession by offering a “Pay As You Wish” policy on select menu items.  They say they realize that it is getting difficult for people to go out to eat in our current economic situation and they feel that should not happen in America.  So they are choosing good over greed.  They “refuse to let greed kill America” according to the owners.  They would rather get $.25 for a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and put a smile on their customer’s face than charge a set price and risk people not coming at all. 

The customers honestly give what they can.  Sometimes it’s not much, but the next time it might be more and the owners of Connie’s say that is just fine with them.  I wish I was in Boomfield right now.  I order a big plate of whatever is on the PAYW menu.  I’ve got a $20 bill with their name on it.

If you live anywhere near Boomfiled, NY pay them a visit.  Here is a link to their website.  It has directions and everything.  Go on a Wednesday for Open Mic Night or on a Saturday for Live Music.  Be sure to take plenty of money…or not.


One thought on “Pay As You Wish

  1. Wende says:

    On the news this morning another Diner’s (I can not remember where), employees decided they will work for tips only, in an effort to keep the diner open and keep their jobs. The community’s response – overwhelmingly positive. Seems more people are coming in and leaving bigger tips.

    It takes a bit of willingness to try something different. And once a collective decision is made that is thought through and does not hurt anyone, why not try the challenge? If it is the ‘wrong’ solution, think of another!

    Building community is a powerful experience.

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